Out Of Hours Services

You should only attend A&E if you need immediate care for something that is very serious or life-threatening. If your condition isn’t life-threatening, in many cases you could be seen faster by using other local services in your community.

If you feel unwell or have a minor injury, your local pharmacy can also offer advice and some medicines. Many pharmacies are open late and at the weekends, and you do not need an appointment to be seen. Find your nearest pharmacy

If you live in Barking and Dagenham or Havering, you can also get help with minor injuries and illnesses at our community Urgent Treatment Centres at Barking Community Hospital and Harold Wood Polyclinic. These are open 8am-9pm, seven days a week. You can call NHS 111 to book an appointment or walk in and wait to be seen.

If you are feeling overwhelmed and need urgent help because you are worried that you might harm yourself or someone else, contact your local mental health crisis line. Trained professionals are there to help you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year by calling Mental Health Direct free on 0800 995 1000.

For more information on finding the right NHS help visit www.northeastlondon.icb.nhs.uk/urgentcare

Additionally As part of planned care recovery, the planned care team have developed a website with information and resources to support people while they are waiting for treatment. It would be useful for you to have this on your website. Please send the details to the practice. Here is a link:   https://waitwellstaywell.northeastlondon.icb.nhs.uk/

Date published: 8th December, 2023
Date last updated: 8th December, 2023